Friday, October 28, 2005

Yukon Generation 3 Night Vision Rifle Scope


Titanium Third Generation (GEN 3) Tactical Night Vision Rifle Scope
The Titanium Tactical offers the same rugged construction pioneered by the mini-Osprey with the addition of two Weaver rails to accommodate accessories such as laser sighting or an auxiliary day scope.
GEN III optics have been developed in recent years and are currently the state of the art in night vision. GEN III optics have a greatly increased amount of light gaining ability and resolution (clarity) over both GEN I and II optics. They are the ideal choice for discriminating night vision enthusiasts, law enforcement and military personnel. For night hunting applications they also work extremely well, offering excellent detail and range.
It is a violation of United States Federal Law to export Generation III technology without appropriate license.
Applications include law enforcement, security, predator and varmint control (where permitted), photography and surveillance.


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